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Ngulia Safari Lodge -Tsavo West

Ngulia Safari Lodge -Tsavo West
Ngulia Safari Lodge is located in Tsavo West National Park, covers 9000sq kilometres (3000sq. miles) a home to a big host of wild animals.
The Lodge is perched on the Ndawe Escarpment, overlooking the Rhino Sanctuary surrounded by Scenic Hills; Ngulia Safari Lodge no doubt has one of the most breathtaking views in Kenya.

A new borehole has been sunk providing more than enough supply of water to the water holes within the Lodge and also for watering of the gardens. Tour vans staying over night will usually leave Ngulia sparkling.
20 Black Rhinos have been released from the Rhino Sanctuary in the Lodge’s neighbourhood; this implies enhanced security and rhinos at our water holes.
A second bar, THE LEOPARD VIEW POINT BAR, has been opened at a strategic point where guests can wait for the leopard’s arrival while taking their drink served by customer friendly waiters.

Ngulia Safari LodgeThe Ngulia Safari Lodge has 52 standard rooms, all with bath and shower and a balcony with a view of the vast wilderness and floodlit water holes.

The main restaurant – built in an open-air style, has a view of floodlit water holes and the Leopard bait meet. Guests can enjoy their meals as they watch the leopard feast.
Buffet is served at all meals.
The Leopard Cocktail Bar
Situated at the Lounge. Specialises in unique cocktail creations to afresh and quench thirst.
The Main Bar
Set in a way that guests can enjoy their drinks and still view game at the water hole perched on the bar stool.
Well stocked with selected souvenir pieces which guests can take back home to friends.
Available at all times.
Swimming Pool:
After a long drive guests can take a well deserved dip into the cool clear waters and savour the spectacular view of the rhino valley and Taita hills further down, while basking in the warmth of the tropical sun.
Indoors Games
Available on request.
Money Exchange
This facility is available for all worlds’ major currencies
Safe Deposits
Services available at the reception
Credit Cards
The following credit cards are acceptable for settling of guests’ bills:
Visa Card
Master Card
Fax and telephone services are available at very affordable rates
The Ngulia Safari Lodge has one meeting room which can host between 20 – 25 pax.
* Mzima Springs – Plenty of fish, hippos and crocodiles
* Rhino Sanctuary – The largest in Africa
* Roaring Rocks
* Tembo Peak
* Shetani Lava Flow – Evidence of fresh volcanic activity few hundred years old.
* Caves and Craters – e.g. Chaimu Crater
* Tsavo River
All the big five: – Elephants, Buffaloes, Rhinos, Lions and Leopards
Other Carnivores: – Cheetah, Hyena etc
Impala Group: - Gazelles, Kudus, Waterbucks, Giraffes, Zebras, Warthogs etc
Plenty of bird life: - Note the Ngulia Bird Ringing Project – mainly in
November and December to monitor migratory birds
Frequent night sighting of the Leopard as it comes for the baited meat at the
Floodlit viewing point in front of the Lodge.
Ngulia Safari LodgeThe serene, natural surroundings, the hills and valleys, the dark starry nights, the
myriad night sounds of insects and other wildlife, the sense of comfort in a four
star game Lodge, amidst all these factors, is the dream made true.

Ngulia Safari Lodge  Ngulia Safari Lodge Room    Ngulia Safari Lodge Pool